« The FRSQ has had the opportunity to utilize the products and services of eVision for a number of years. This association with eVision has been marked by an incredible degree of professionalism, creativity and a thorough understanding of the fundamentals of our operations. It is through their strength and foresight we have been able to innovate and become leaders in our field. »

Gilbert Tordjman, CGA, Vice-président, Affaires administrative, FRSQ

« Since the beginning of the week, our Committee has had conference calls regarding Masters and PhDs training. Please allow me to share with you the positive comments from our Committee members. The reviewing process we have developed to review Masters and PhDs at FRSQ (electronic tools, reviewer triad, score standardization, review criteria and sub-criteria) is considered easy, user friendly, efficient and also fair and impartial for the students. »

Pierrette Gaudreau, PhD, Science Counselor
University of Montreal, Medicine Department,Laboratory of Neuroendocrinology of Aging | University of Montreal Technopole Angus Research Center Hospital

« Our partnership with eVision in the development of eReviews has been a very fruitful and rewarding one. eVision’s project team is very responsive and efficient, and highly adaptable in face of changing needs. Thank you and keep up the great work! »

Marwan Samia, Manager, Clinical Research Core Service, RI MUHC

« eVision staff have always tried their very best to meet agreed timelines and post implementation support is always good. »

« eVision on the whole is very responsive and we feel that the developers and project managers we deal with on a daily basis really strive to meet objectives and they are very rarely late with deliverables for us. Even if they are, it is always with good reason and completely understandable. They understand our business well and are good advisors for us. »
Judy Hamilton | MSFHR | IT Director

« eVision représente une équipe fort dynamique, riche de connaissances et de compétences, avec qui il est toujours agréable de collaborer sur les dossiers actifs. »

Diane Bouthillier, Analyste Senior, FRSQ

« Notre interaction avec eVision fut une expérience formidable, aussi bien de par les services rendus que les échanges avec notre contact chez eVision. Celui-ci a fait preuve d’une incroyable patience et a su faire bénéficier le Centre de Recherche de sa grande expérience en la matière en essayant de comprendre en profondeur et améliorer notre travail. »

Pasto B. Wann, Ph.D., Gestionnaire du Centre de Recherche
CSSS de Gatineau – Hôpital Pierre-Janet

« I had the pleasure to work with eVision’s staffing department to hire a software developer. eVision professionals took the time to understand my specific needs. It actually showed up in the quality and the potential of the resumes that they submitted to me. There has been a remarkable work by eVision experts in terms of interviewing, evaluating and filtering the candidates. Thanks to eVision, I was able to find a talented developer who is surpassing my expectations. This has being achieved within a very reasonable period of time, with very competitive pricing. »
Adnane Balboul | OGC Inc 
Vice-President technology development

« eVision provides professional and expert service. »
Michael Shapiro | M. Shapiro Consulting Services Inc / OICR
 | Project Manager

« Nous avions eu un excellent service de la part de la cie Evision. Malgré que nos besoins initiaux n’étaient pas très clairs la cie a su nous accompagner dans notre processus de mise en place d’un dépôt de données. »
Ahmed Aitkadi | BMVC | Chef – Architecture d’entreprise

« eVision se positionne bien comme un fournisseur pour les organismes subventionnaires au Canada, et même ailleurs. Nous apprécions surtout la proposition de solutions simples, gérables et faciles à mettre sur pied . »

« eVision connait très bien la vocation et les processus d’affaire des CRC. Son expérience dans le domaine des subventions constitue également un atout pour notre secrétariat. »
Jean-François Brisson | CRC | Agent de liaison informatique