Synto as a Platform

Synto is our foundational platform upon which is built our complete portfolio of solutions. Synto integrates a robust workflow engine, forms builder, and business intelligence engine.

Key components:

  • Ready to implement Business Processes Library:
    • Grant Management
    • Contract/Project Funding Management
    • Human Ethics Compliance
    • Animal Care Compliance
    • Bio-Safety Compliance 
  • Workflow Designer
  • Forms Builder
  • Ad Hoc Reporting BI Platform
  • AI Engine
  • API Library

Solutions for Funders

The business processes of our customers fall into a number of broad categories and Synto has a solution to suit each one:

Grants & Awards Essentials

Synto-Funders is a complete & flexible solution to manage funding programs and competitions. It comes with a set of modules to cover the full cycle, including:

  • Programs/competitions design and configuration
  • Online/Offline Forms design and configuration
  • Business validation rules and eligibility management
  • Committee management
  • Self-assessment and online review setup
  • Finalization and decision management
  • Payment authorizations and scheduling module
  • Finance integration
  • Post award management
  • Program/projects assessments
  • Self-serve Ad-hoc reporting and data analysis
  • Partners management

Solutions for Research Institutions

Grants & Awards Essentials

As Research Institutions run both external and internal funding opportunities, Synto-RI is configured to support both.

Research projects start as ideas, shared with potential collaborators and advance in the lifecycle towards funding applications, compliance submissions, execution, realizations and outcomes, Synto-RI offers collaborative platform to support the Research Team with the complete Research Project Management cycle.

Research office personnel will find a full support for the admin operations in managing external funding from the decision letter to the project archiving.

Main functions for Research team:

  • Discover funding opportunities
  • Start projects as ideas, publications, funding request, compliance request or other types
  • AI based support to build your Research Team (students, co-researchers, collaborators, reviewers, supervisors, etc.)
  • Build and manage in one central location different versions of documents such as CVs
  • Consult your dashboard for new applications, on-going projects, financial information, message center, etc.

Main functions for Research office personnel:

  • Research Activities, projects and sub-projects definition and management
  • Internal and External funding Programs design and configuration
  • Forms and attached documents design and definition for each business workflow (funding, compliance, outcome, etc.)
  • Revision, approval and decision workflow design and customisation
  • Advance Budget Management (multi projects, multi year, multi funders, etc.)
  • Post award management (Expenses, budget revisions, KPIs, milestones, etc.)
  • Program/Projects assessments
  • Direct cost and overhead management
  • Budget expense management

Compliance Essentials

Compliance Essentials is a complete platform that supports your key reviews (including human and animal ethics as well as biohazards). It covers the full cycle, including:

  • Research activities, projects and sub-projects definition and management
  • Initial questionnaire to determine the type of forms and workflow to apply
  • Initial application form with the applicable sections to complete
  • Electronic submission
  • Revision, approval and decision workflow design and customization
  • Committee management
  • Post reports for renewals and adverse events management
  • BI capability with Ad-hoc reporting and data analysis
  • Contract review workflow
  • Biosafety workflow

Synto Extensions

To further enhance your deployment of Synto Core and key modules we also offer the following optional add-ons:

Synto AI

Synto puts AI to work on enabling Advance Support to Researchers and administrators as well as Performance Monitoring. This extension also introduces Predictive Trend Analysis to help decision makers.

Synto APIs

Synto plays well with others. We strongly believe into Synthesizing IT systems to deliver integrated solutions for maximum efficiency.

Synto can integrate to your existing systems such as SSO, Accounting, CRM, Documents repository, etc.