Synto – Grants Essential

Synto – Grants Essential is a complete platform to manage funding programs and competitions

It covers the full cycle including:

  • Programs/competitions design and configuration
  • Online/Offline forms design and publishing
  • Business validation rules and eligibility management
  • Committee management
  • Self assessment and online review setup
  • Finalisation and Decision management
  • Payment authorisations and scheduling module
  • Finance integration
  • Post award management
  • Program/Projects assessments
  • Ad-hoc reporting and Data analysis

Centralized Data

Synto centralises data and processes for multiple stakeholders including Project teams, collaborators, partners, representatives, reviewers and deciders.

We offer among other key functionalities the followings:

  • Multi members multi teams multi sites applications with collaborative approach in building the application
  • Advanced budget management
  • Advanced review/approval workflows
  • Self assessment, on-line review and committee meeting management
    Notification management and CRM integration
  • KPI reports and impact assessment


Optional modules are regularly offered to continuously extend Synto’s capabilities, the followings are few examples:

  • Partners Management module enabling financial project partners to interact in the management cycle
  • Semantic Search Engine enables advanced text mining and machine learning capability