A Unique & Modular Platform

Extensions enable an incremental deployment of processes and an advanced customization of the Synto platform.

Many extensions are available to adapt Synto to your needs. Furthermore, they are entirely compatible with each other.

Budget Management for Projects

Two-way integration & increased efficiency

Beyond having the capability to manage financial decisions, funding conditions, commitments, and payment schedules, Synto offers a two-way integration with your existing accounting system to increase the efficiency of financial and budget tracking.

Make your ecosystems perform better

Synto also offers advanced management of interim and final financial reports in multi-institutional, multi-projects, or multi-teams situation. Budget gaps, amendments, and approval flows are other available management functionalities.

Also for financial tracking in research institutes, collateral costs management, and payments between institutions.

Partner Management

Harmonize your efforts

You deal with financial partners who contribute in cash to projects they are interested in? You want to integrate them to your application management process, give them a controlled access to project applications and results? Synto enables the integration of funding sources that vary in nature to provide a better overview of your projects.

Direct interventions and easy monitoring

Your partners will access their own portal with the ability to signify their interests for certain projects, and confirm their contribution on admissible applications that received positive review from expert committees. They can also access monitoring reports made available by project managers.

Risk & Outcome Management

Maximize your impact and outcomes

Synto lays the basis for risk and outcome management. It starts from the objectives and risks definition at the program level, setup a risk and outcome registry and track delivery to ensure recognition.