About Synto

Synto is a technological solution developed by eVision.

eVision’s know-how is reflected not only in our suite of specialized solutions, but also in the efficiency of our deployments. We are proud to collaborate with our clients throughout the evolution of their programs and competitions, during the development of every new compliance process.

The link between our expertise in funding and conformity process management, evolving and collaborative technological solutions powered by AI, as well as requirements in governance and impact assessment, has become crucial in the markets deserved by eVision.

Our experts are committed to staying on top of new technologies, but also to being involved with organizations and associations that model and support the industries where our clients thrive.

Based on evolutionary technologies and the integration of artificial intelligence (AI), eVision is a fast-growing leader in semantics search and predictive analysis applied to project funding.

Incorporated in Quebec, eVision serves a diversified clientele comprised of granting agencies and major universities across Canada. A new office opened in Maroc, in 2007, to welcome an offshore technical team. Having recently started to explore international French-speaking markets, the new office provides a 24/7 support.

Benefit from our experience

The Synto platform isn’t just another available product to be added to the digital environment of our clients. Synto highlights our commitment to incorporate the best practices in governance and to optimize performance, providing a well-orchestrated management of funding programs and in compliance liability.

Tailor-made services

eVision provides a wide range of services that follow our commitment to long term collaboration with our clients and the industry.