One extensible platform

Synto establishes the hub to which you can plug multiple workflows bringing automation to multiple areas in your organization to maximize the ROI

Synto offers a library of specialized workflows in the funding program, the research administration and compliance fields

Synto’s capabilities can be extended by plugging to the same hub multiple other workflows that will share the system platform and, more importantly, the DATA.

A Unique and Modular Platform

  • Synto is a modular technological platform that allows the gradual implantation of processes, as well as customizations to better represent the business requirements.
  • Using the latest technologies and harnessing the full potential of AI, the platform enables semantic search and predictive analysis to be performed on your structured and unstructured data.
  • Synto enables collaboration and resource sharing among all involved parties in the business processes.

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Empower your team

  • Synto empowers your team to autonomously manage forms, validation rules, texts, LOVs, and workflows.

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Predictions based on your data

  • Supporting applicants entering their data with smart and dynamic predictions.
  • Supporting admins detecting trends, conflicts of interest, similarities, and more.

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Power of Artificial Intelligence (AI)

  • Synto uses AI machine learning capabilities to harness the real power of your internal historical data, as well as taps on some external sources for even deeper learning.
  • Perform text mining and semantic search based on machine learning algorithms on stored documents attached to the projects.

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Risk & Outcome Management

  • Maximize your impact and outcomes
    Synto lays the basis for risk and outcome management. It starts from the objectives and risks definition at the program level, setup a risk and outcome registry and track delivery to ensure recognition.

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Integration with your existing systems

  • Synto works in concert with your existing platforms. A set of APIs as well as specific integrations are available.

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SaaS private hosting

  • eVision offers a high-end hosting service, in a Québec-based data center
  • We offer secure, reliable and extensible infrastructure in a Tier III facility data center that is PCI DSS compliant and ISO 27001 certified.
    • Our SaaS offer is based on a private instance for each of our clients which eliminates the risk and inter-dependency of a shared instance among multiple clients.

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  • Synto platform is compliant to W3C accessibility framework level A, AA.
  • It is also compliant to Canada Treasury Board level 3 accessibility rules.

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