Synto – Ethics & Compliance Essential

Synto enables the adaptation and addition of processes such as biosafety, pharmacy, contracts revision, and more.

Compliance essential is a complete platform that supports your main human and animal ethics processes. It covers the full cycle, including:

  • Research activities, projects and sub-projects definition and management
  • Initial questionnaire to determine the type of forms and workflow to apply
  • Initial application form with the applicable sections to complete
  • Electronic submission
  • Revision, approval and decision workflow design and customization
  • Committee management
  • Post reports for renewals and adverse events management
  • BI capability with Ad-hoc reporting and data analysis

A Powerful Collaborative Tool

Bring your research teams, your reviewers and your administrators around the unique Synto platform to collaborate and perform their tasks without duplication.

Synto helps detecting the latency in the process and brings to light the exact time-consuming tasks needing analysis and improvement.


Optional modules are regularly offered to continuously extend Synto’s capabilities, the followings are few examples:

  • Contract review workflow
  • Biosafety workflow
  • Semantic Search Engine enables advanced text mining and machine learning capability

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